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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome to Simply Sakura

Hello, I'm glad you found my little corner of the web. I'm Kim, and like my bio says... I'm out to save the world! I believe that living simply is the key, and this blog is dedicated to that ideal. Finding joys in everyday life, and using your time to make an impact on the world. Here you will find ideas and inspiration for ways to make simple changes that effect the big picture. I hope you'll join me on my journey toward a more sustainable life!

My plan is to include recipes, tips, projects, gardening and more... with lots of photos. I will be participating in challenges presented by other blogs and will update on my progress. My format will be as follows:

Monday: Inspiration for the Week- Inspirational Quotations
Tuesday: How To- Recipes, Instructionals and Tips
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday- Snapshot for the week
Thursday: My Thoughts On- Current topics from my life or the world at large
Friday: Spotlight- Featuring a Shop, Blog, Site, Product or Person that I find noteworthy
Saturday: Safari Saturday- Photographic tour... its an Adventure!
Sunday: Sunday Meditation- Gratitude, Goals and Challenges

Can't say that won't ever change, but I like structure sometimes. This blog has been a labor of love on and off for several years, though I am completely re-launching as of Spring 2013. I used to live and work in a different city, this is where all of my hard work and love was put into green living and gardening. When I faced a massive life change and was forced to move back to my home town (I call it that, but it's a reasonably large city) I lost momentum and gave up on many of the ideas I held dear; but now I'm back, inspired, and ready to go!

"Simple, simple living makes the world go 'round,
People live in peace.
No it don't take much to live and be happy in the world,
Seems the less we have, the more we see the beauty of the world.
So walk lightly on the earth!"


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