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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2013 Tomatoes: Part One

Tomatoes, the prize and pride of most home gardeners; I hear that you haven't lived until you've eaten a fresh tomato straight from the vine. Here's the problem, I don't actually like fresh tomatoes; it's sad, I know. However, I love tomato sauce, salsa, soup and many other things tomato related. I also happen to live with two tomato lovers, in a house that consumes quite a bit of pasta with homemade sauce. Plus, I find myself buying into the whole fresh tomato propaganda. So, here I am, with almost no past tomato success, growing 22 different varieties. Clearly, I am insane. Since I got a late start this year I didn't have a chance to start seeds for the toms; I've cobbled together a collection from various local sources, and I'm actually pretty pleased with what I was able to find. Without further ado,  Part One of my 2013 Tomato Varietal List:

Anais Noir
{Photo Credit}
Also known as Ananas Noire, Black Pineapple, and Tie Dye Tomato. An indeterminate heirloom; I purchased this plant at Green Fest last weekend, but it is available through Baker Creek Heirloom. According to their site: " This unusual variety was developed by Pascal Moreau, a horticulturist from Belgium. The multi-colored, smooth fruit (green, yellow and purple mix) weigh about 1 1/2 lbs. The flesh is bright green with deep red streaks. Everyone loves their superb flavor that is outstanding, being both sweet and smoky with a hint of citrus. The yield is one of the heaviest we have ever seen!"

Arkansas Traveler
Another Green Fest purchase; indeterminate heirloom also available from Baker Creek. According to their site: "80 days. A medium-sized pink tomato that is smooth and a beautiful rose color. An excellent variety from Arkansas, tolerant to heat and humidity; crack and disease resistant. Good flavor, an excellent hillbilly favorite. "
Beefy Boy
Purchased at the Sarasota Farmer's Market; a 70 day, indeterminate hybrid from Park's: "Beefy Boy is a meaty, extra large beefsteak type tomato with excellent flavor. Contains more solid and less gel than other beefsteaks."

Black Krim
Yet another indeterminate heirloom from Green Fest, one that I've had my eye on since hearing wonderful things around the blog world. Available from Seed Savers and Baker Creek, who says: "80 days. Dark red-purple fruit, rich sweet flavor. One of the best. It always places high in tomato taste trials. It’s very juicy. An heirloom from Russia with very unique looking, large fruit. I really like the wonderful flavor. It’s popular at many markets on the West Coast; also a favorite of many fine chefs."

{Photo Credit}
Black Prince
An indeterminate heirloom I picked up on sale at a big box store, available from Territorial and Baker Creek, according to whom: "70 days. An heirloom from Irkutsk, Siberia. The 5-oz. tomatoes are round and very uniform; the color is a wonderful deep blackish-chocolate brown. The flavor is as deep, sweet and rich as the color. A unique salad tomato; the plants produce a large crop and early; a good tomato for fine markets."

To be continued...


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  1. I think you will love Arkansas Traveler. Does well with heat and is soooo delicious!