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Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Thoughts On: This Blog

Photo via Akbar Sim
Just a bit of further clarification on why I am writing this blog. I know that keeping a detailed garden journal is a vital part of successful gardening long-term, and that is exactly what my goal is. I choose to garden for several reasons: beauty, stress relief, food, sustainability and independence, and general enjoyment. I choose to blog my journey both for myself, and for anyone else who wants to take the journey with me! My main goal is to lead a more sustainable life; I know this is going to take time, no one becomes a master overnight.

Thus far, my experience with gardening has been limited, and mostly unsuccessful. I only just really began last year, and Tropical Storm Debbie drowned out all of my plants. I'm also still trying to find the best ways to combat fungus and insects, which can be an utter nightmare in the swamp that is central Florida. I refuse to deviate from my organic methods; even if everything I purchase and use isn't certified, I am using organic methods as much as possible. I will not pollute my land or our waterways with poisons and synthetic fertilizers, I simply won't.

I live with my family, which includes my brother and parents, along with our dogs, cat, fish and chickens. It has been a long road getting them on board with living a more sustainable life, but I swear that if I can convince them, you can convince your family, too! My dreams eventually include a small farm, and making as much of my own food as possible; I want to inch my way further off the grid every day, without losing touch with the technology and city life that I enjoy. I wish to live simply, and simply live; I hope you'll join me!


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